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Harmony & Healing Prana Massage

A unique massage with rhythmic  strokes, targeted deep tissue, and pranic (reiki)  techniques,  It focuses on the body meridians as well as the chakra systems, (our main energy centers) to  encourage a healthy and balanced flow of energy to vital organs such as the heart, pericardium, large and small intestines, stomach, spleen, lungs, liver, and gall bladder. It is a powerful comprehensive healing massage promoting optimal health. Sessions may include hot towels, hot stones, essential oils, special frequency tuning forks, Tibetan Singing Bowls and guided imagery.  Sessions are done on a treatment table with receiver securely draped.

$90.00 (one hour session)     $115.00 (90 min. session)

Zen Thai Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a traditional Asian bodywork therapy. It is an Acupressure massage for structural integration and muscular tension release using finger pressure, passive stretching, and energy work to help direct your body's chi or life force. It stimulates our innate ability to heal by opening the neural, circulatory, and energy pathways of the body. Session are done on a floor mat with receiver clothed.

$75.00 (one hour session)   $105.00 (90 min. session)

Reiki Chakra Clearing  

 Reiki  uses a technique commonly called palm or hands on healing.  Universal energy (i.e.reiki) is transferred  through the palms to the receiver with a concentration on the seven chakras or energy centers along the spine. Each chakra corresponds with specific organs, glands and aspects of human behavior and development. Each center holds its own vibration and purpose. The opening  and flow of energy through the chakras determines our state of health and well being. This session  includes the use of crystals,  specialized tuning forks  and or Tibetan singing bowls that resonate with the chakras that energize the body to activate healing and promote spiritual growth. 

Sessions are done on a treatment table or floor mat  with receiver clothed.

1. Root/Base Chakra (Harmonic C) (Color Red)  governs the coccyx, perineum, pubic bone, testicles, legs and feet, . It is the seat of physical vitality, the fundamental urge to survive, stability, trust, and having physical needs met.

2 Sacral Chakra (Harmonic D) (Color Orange)  governs ovaries, prostate, kidneys, bladder, sacrum. It is the seat of all relationships, sexuality, ego, empathy, well being, delight, pleasure.

3 Solar Plexus Chakra ( Harmonic E) (Color Yellow)   Digestive system,liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, adrenals. It is the seat of personal power, creativity, contentment, self esteem.

4 Heart Chakra (Harmonic F)  (Color Green & Pink) governs the thymus, heart,  lungs, breasts, shoulders, arms, hands. It is the seat of unconditional love,devotion, affection, spiritual growth.

5 Throat Chakra (Harmonic G) (Color Sky Blue) governs thyroid, hypothalamus, throat, ears, jaw, and neck.  It is the seat of communication, self expression, diplomacy

6 Third Eye Chakra (Harmonic A) (Color Indigo) governs the pineal, eyes, temples, and nose.  It is the seat of intuition, self mastery, wisdom, imagination, perception. It is the chakra of forgiveness and compassion.

7 Crown Chakra(Harmonic B)  (Color Violet or White) governs the pituitary, brain, head.  It is the seat of divine wisdom, intelligence

$75.00 (one hour session)  $105.00 (90 min. session)


Auric Clearing with Sacred Solfeggio Tones  

Sound Therapy is based on scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency including ourselves. Each of our systems and each body organ has its own vibratory rate.  When there is a discordant frequency in the body, balance can be restored by using a resonate frequency. The magnetic biofield or the energy field that surrounds the body contains the record of all our memories that are embedded as information in standing waves within this structure. It is here that emotional and physical traumas from gestation onward can cause a breakdown of order, structure, and function within the body.  Tibetan Singing Bowls and special Tuning Forks emit  powerful and  precise frequencies to to help normalize imbalances within the body and the bio magnetic field to help synchronize the cells frequency back to it's natural healthy state, many times bringing immediate relief from physical or emotional pain.

Therapeutic Bodywork is applied through Acupressure helping to open energetic pathways or meridians of the body allowing a balanced flow between the neural, circulatory, and energy pathways within the body.

This session may include reflexology, therapeutic grade essential oils, and information on nutritional or herbal support for your greatest healing. Sessions take place on a treatment table with receiver clothed.

 It is wonderful for those who feel weary or just burned out from what life throws our way. It is a subtle yet surprisingly powerful therapy that allows for  a deep sense of relaxation and calmness while leaving the session feeling more energized and better able to handle life challenges. Sessions are on a treatment table or floor mat with client fully clothed. All sessions are compassionate and take place in a safe healing environment.

This practice has shown itself to be beneficial for PTSD,  anxiety, depression, pain, digestive imbalances, migraines, emotional discord, and much more. 

In the first session you will experience the following 9 Sacred Tones of the Solfeggio Frequencies.

174  Hz (=6) unification with spirit    

285  Hz (=3) unification with Gaia/Earth

396  Hz (=9) liberating guilt and fear

417  Hz (=6) undoing situations and facilitating changes

528 Hz (=3) transformation, miracles, and DNA repair

639  Hz (=9)  connections and relationships

741  Hz (=6) awakening intuition

852 Hz (=3) returning to spiritual order

963  Hz (=9) conscious discipline  and connection to spirit

$75.00 (one hour session)   $105.00 (90 min. session)

















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