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  I am  happy to share more about me and what set me on this path of formally working with energy.  I have always been drawn to and worked with energy, although as a child I was unaware of my intuitive abilities. It came so natural to me.  I later realized I was a bridge between energy,   As I got older and through many life lessons I realized I could bring discordant energies back into balance by different methods. This led me to seek out complimentary medicines. I opened up to the knowledge and wisdom of energy healing through the use of herbs, oils, color, light, sound, and touch. The experience has been amazing.

  In 2005 I began to explore Bodywork and  Eastern studies.  I was  fascinated  by these teachings. I  became certified with American Council on Exercise and then went on to train as a Yoga instructor..  I  was asked (seemingly out of the blue)  to teach  yoga at a busy health gym. I had the pleasure of working there for several years and I loved it. Little did I know at the time that I would call upon this background to keep me grounded and continue to grow in my healing abilities. 

 Although the following  part of my life is hard to share I do so because it is what makes me so passionate about helping others to call on their own healing energy.  In 2011  my five year old child was diagnosed with cancer. It was devastating to say the least. My whole world stopped and I was no longer in control of anything.  As anyone who has been touched by an illness or affected from a loved ones struggle knows the anguish  of wanting to do whatever it takes to help but not knowing how. 

 My world was rocked again when my son relapsed a year later and needed a bone marrow transplant. I did not give up on the alternate therapies but became more determined. I researched everything I possibly could from nutrition, herbs, and energy work.  During this time I felt I was being guided. I learned an enormous amount of information in such a short time.  I also realized how much I enjoyed providing energy work to my son with auric clearing,  massage, essential oils, nutrition,  prayer and meditation and he of course loved receiving it. It was healing for both of us. It was a long road to recovery with setbacks but we were always moving forward. It certainly has been a process and continues to be however everyday more healing takes place and it always amazes me how far we've come and how much we have learned along the way.

 After my son was on  his way to recovery and officially determined cancer free  I went on to become a Certified Nutritionist Consultant, Massage Therapist, and completed The Acupressure Mastery Program and other programs or studies of  Eastern Studies, Vibrational Therapy, Reflexology, and Shiatsu. 

Through this difficult time I understand and embrace my healing gift. It is what I am here to do.  I do not claim that I healed my son. I listened to my intuitive guidance and followed it and to my amazement it had a profound effect. Today I embrace my gift and I am so happy to share it with those who may need a boost.  I simply provide the proper conditions so the body may bring forth it's own healing energies. I have so much compassion for those who are struggling. I understand. It's up one day and down the other. It is a process.

 I am honored to help others call upon their own healing abilities.. 




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